Steamy Phone Sex with Nikki

nikkiHello guy’s just want to let you all know I just got a new website it is I know you are going to love looking at all my pictures so you can call me for some steamy phone sex. Most of you know my sexy voice and  steamy phone sex, now I like to invite more of you to try me with and introduction

Special: 20 hot minutes with me for $20.00.

I know you will come back for more. I have no Taboo’s

and willing to try any fantasy you like. I really like masturbating in my bed while talking dirty to you so we both feel good together.

I love teasing and then denying you to cum until I feel like you are really ready to explode or when

I’m done teasing you…hahaha. I love phone sex,  everything about it turns me on I’m hoping to do the same to you. I like many fantasies like Little Dick guy’s, Guided Masturbation, Oral, Cuckold, Girl Next Door, Family Fun, Age Play, Sensual Domination, many more.

So check out my new site and take the time to look at my pictures so your hard cock gets even harder mmmm. Then pick up the phone and give me a call I know you won’t be disappointed!

For some really Steamy Phone Sex call Nikki


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Phone Sex with Nikki

OK  guy’s I know you love to talk with me but guy’s I not available in the morning please don’t call me! I love playing with every one of you but I do need to sleep some and the morning is when I do. Phone sex with me is exciting and I make you want for more but Please remember this is pay 2 play! I do not and will not do it for FREE! So when calling my number please be respectful enough to know I will expect a credit card. If you continue to call me your number will be turned over to your local police department. So we both can avoid this with you having your card ready NOW let’s all have fun.

NikkiNikkiCall me while I take a bubble bath I love playing in the tub mmmm.



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Passionate Phone Sex with Nikki

My girlfriends asked me what I’m attracted to in a man. I wanted to give her a list of the usual qualities that every woman say like handsome, athletic, high income, intelligent, etc. I know she was expecting me to say that because 00nikkiwhen I looked her in the eyes and said, I want a man that loves sex and can’t wait to pull his pants down and pull out his big hard cock any time he see’s me, I then said, I want him to want hard sex as much as I do. I love having phone sex with men like this too because they get so into the sex that they get as nasty as I want and it makes our sex so much hotter. I think now my girlfriend thinks I’m a sex nympho which I’m …giggle. 

So if you are looking for some really hot phone sex call me I’m ready for you.  Remember I work only evenings guy’s, so don’t call me in the day because I won’t be answering.

Hot and passionate phone sex with Nikki 


My Hour’s are Sun through Fri 4pm to 4am (central time) off Saturday.

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Hypnosis Phone Sex

I have been such a bad girl lately I think I have become a dominate phone sex girl… I love it. Making guys do as I say is so hot to me, I have these guys on the phone acting like my puppies lol. I have had more and more guys calling me back for more they love being told what to do. Making a guy stroke and cum when I tell him is such a turn on for me. I also like using hypnosis on guys for many different reasons. Some guys like to just relax and listen to my voice while I put them into a deep sleep. Others like for me to mess with their minds,  while I have them under my spell, like making them do things they never though of doing lol. Being my little puppet is what makes me love doing what I do so if you like to be controlled by a very naughty woman you need to call me. If you like to try hypnosis call me I will make you feel so naughty n good…lol.

Call Nikki your naughty little phone sex slut that will control you   1-888-766-7858

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Nikki for naughty phone sex

Hi guy’s it’s been awhile I know I have been gone trying to finishing up my school but I’m back now and I have new hour’s I’m now available Sunday thru Friday 12pm to 12am (central time). Also I’m so excited to announce 2 of my friends have joined me on my site I’m sure you have seen them. Natalie and Stephanie, wow Natalie is a fetish girl who loves little dick callers and Stephanie is our young little slut that loves age play. I’m sure you will find them both great so give them a try. Remember Stephanie goes to school so she is more available in the evenings. I’m so ready for fall so I can wrap up in my big comfy blanket and talk to you on the phone while we get naughty together. You know how naughty it can be with me mmmm. I’m looking forward to chatting with you and making us both feel so good. Phone sex is so relaxing to me and I love every minute of it. Call me and let’s get nasty on the phone.

Call Nikki for naughty phone sex      1- 888-766-7858




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MILF Phone Sex

Just want to let you all know I’m back now and available Evenings for your pleasure!

Check out my new hour’s below.

I see you looking in my window and stroking your hard cock. You are such a little pervert and a freak. I bet if I allow you to come in my room, we could have all kinds of fun. I know you fantasize about how good my lips would feel wrapped around your hard cock. Maybe even how tight my MILF pussy really is. I know you are thinking of me every night,  getting your cock so hard,  that you have to sneak around to another part of the house to call me. I just love getting nasty with you, and you know I will make your cock feel so good. It’s so much fun almost getting caught that is what makes your cock throb more and more.  Me being that little tease that I’m I will make you hold off until you just can’t and cum all over mmmmm.

Do you like MILF phone sex? Would you like for me to seduce you, or the other way around?  This pussy is hot and ready for you.

Call if you are looking for a hot MILF phone sex with Nikki    1-888-766-7858

My New Hours

Sun thru Fri 6pm to 5am (central time zone)


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Cuckold Phone Sex

It’s so hot I have been swimming everyday and love playing in the water, just like I love playing with you. You know how sexy I’m on our phone sex calls, making you cum so hard guiding you in masturbation and a little cuckold phone sex. You know you love it when I talk about fucking your best friend right in front of you. Making you watch is cuckolding you mmmmm. You know you would love to help me by bring in all your friends for me to fuck just for you. Seeing the guy’s with big, hard cocks ready to do your woman… wow… you can’t wait to hear all my sex stories. I love fucking both of your heads  lol  hearing you on a call get so hard and stroking to my sexy voice. I really like it when you cum really hard…but you know that.

So call me and let’s play together Nikki your cuckold phone sex girl       1-888-766-7858               

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