Financial Domination Phone Sex

nikkiTo all my Financial Domination Phone Sex callers get ready to be used like an ATM. I own you and you will pay me what is mine…What Is Mine you ask???  Everything you have or ever will have. . Don’t even fool yourself into think that the money you earn is yours it’s mine all mine. Just got a new bonus from work? all mine! Saving for a vacation? again  mine! See how well this works, you work and slave to please ME!

My Financial domination phone sex isn’t for the faint of hearts, if you are a wanna be … Don’t bother me! I don’t care if you go broke or didn’t make enough this week … wah! wah! wah!

So all you wanna Be’s don’t call me whining like a pathetic loser because I don’t care. I’m the Goddess and you will pay and obey!
 Call me your financial domination phone sex goddess and spend all your money.

Nikki   1-888-766-7858


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