Cock Sucking Phone Sex With Nikki

Cock Sucking Phone SexSo I just found out you really would love to be a good little cock sucker … OMG… if I only had known on our last call. I love to force guy’s into becoming naughty cock suckers for me. There is an art to giving great head and I will teach you. Cock sucking phone sex is what every naughty bitch should know how to do. You will need a large dildo for our call so I can teach you how to lick and suck it all. Rolling your tongue around that big mushroom head is what I think really turns men on, so practice rolling your tongue baby. Becoming a little cock sucker will make you so horny that you will want to rub yourself while you are learning … all girls do.

Grab your dildo and call me so I can teach you how to please a mans cock and if you become really good I may even pimp you out mmm. Just think you earning money to suck cocks all evening long WOW. I know you are eager to get on your knee’s and do your first blow job over the phone for me. Sucking and slurping that big dildo for me to hear wishing it was a real cock full of creamy cum for you to swallow. Cock sucking phone sex is your fantasy and you will become great at it with me teaching you. I have had my share of cocks to suck so you know baby you are learning from one of the best. Guy’s will be calling you a little cock teaser before you know it. If you are not into learning to suck cock call me for some hot cock sucking phone sex with me sucking your cock mmmm Nikki.

Learn Cock sucking phone sex with Nikki 1-888-766-7858


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Humiliation Phone Sex With Nikki


I will Ruin U!!!

OMG I just did a Humiliation phone sex call with a little dick loser. Oh come on, you know who you are don’t try to hide. I want everyone to know that this guy had no redeeming qualities. If you looked up the word “Loser” his name would be there. I explained to him how his little weenie would never please me or any woman. I let him know how disgusting his weenie size was to all the women. I told him that he would always have women laughing and making fun of his little weenie the rest of his life. No woman ever wants to admit she dated a fucking loser with a tiny dick … hahaha. I asked the loser to send me a picture of his little weenie so I could add it to my blog but I guess he is just too pathetic to even do that. So any of you little weenie guy’s that would like to send me some pictures of your little weenie’s for my blog I will post them for everyone to see.

You know you like the thought of girls laughing at you when looking at your weenie. Who knows your tiny weenie may win itsy bitty weenie of all … hahaha. This loser I talked to really was perfect for humiliation phone sex. He even had the nerve to tell me his weenie was getting so hard and feeling good hahaha. I think he came but I’m not sure because his dick was just too small. I can just see him now reading this and thinking he is a super star hahaha. .. get real loser.

Looking for Humiliation phone sex? Call me Loser and I will make you feel like scum that you are. Nikki 1-888-766-7858

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Financial Domination Phone Sex

Financial domination phone sexOMG! I have been so bad lately that I don’t even recognize myself. I’m so into being spoiled since I found my new love financial domination phone sex. It’s not just that I like taking your money I love the ruthless teasing that goes along with it making it more appealing to me then any other fetish. Using my mind and actually figuring out my plan attack is whats important to me, just think of it, I not only have to convince you that I deserve your money but that I have to actually make you want to give me all of it and then more. Any one can just ask for money or blackmail someone into giving them tips or spending money on them through Amazon but it takes a gifted teaser like me to actually get it.

Financial domination phone sex is a fetish that is fun and enticing for both of us–it’s like playing a game of chess. Making just the right moves, but over thinking it can costs us both. I like to be rewarded and every time you click my tribute button I know you are so excited and so turned on that your cock is throbbing. Money Money Money can bring a normal man to his knee’s with excitement but for financial guy’s the thrill of giving your hard earned money away in large amounts will make your cock explode. I do realize that the next day when the remorse buying hits you your cock feels like it’s playing all over again throb, throb, explode the pleasure just keeps going mmmmm. I know you know what I’m saying is right especially all the real financial callers.

My addicting ways of teasing and snatching your money right out of your hand, is a game that both of us lust for. Call me Nikki, your new ATM for some twisted financial domination phone sex.


Yahoo: nikki2fone

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Fantasy Phone Sex

nikkiMost of you know I have been gone most of the summer due to a family situation but I’m back now hornier then ever. I had so many sexual dreams while I was gone I don’t know which one turned me on the most. I think I liked the  thought of fantasy phone sex because it can be about any fantasy you might have. Being able to play it out with someone to make it feel real is such a turn on for me. I had one where I was being fucked by two guy’s at one time, one in front and one from behind. I woke up so wet in my bed I had to take a shower, where I masturbated again and came so hard all over.

Having fantasy phone sex with me is so hot I like to really get into my calls and make everyone cum as hard as they can. Just think of your best fantasy and give me a try I will make it good for you. We can get as nasty as you like and make it all about you just so your fantasy becomes real for you. I love oral, anal, kinky, anything you can think of. I’m so glad to be back and talking with all you naughty men I missed you all.

Call me for some really hot fantasy phone sex calls I will make your fantasy seem real.


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Kinky Phone Sex

I can’t wait to play with you on the phone I just love doing kinky phone sexnikki2 with you. I know you are thinking what do I consider kinky, well I like to get really nasty and talk about whatever your fantasy may be. I like chatting about 3 somes, forced sex, age play, wicked No taboo’s phone sex. I like making men blow there loads so hard they almost lose control. Getting kinky with me will be fun because nothing will shock me or turn me off. I’m Nikki,  your new kinky phone sex girl. I love using my toy’s and fingers and I really get into my calls most of you already know this. I have a sexy voice that will make your cock react instantly getting so hard it will throb for you. I love hearing a man cum over the phone actually screaming for me. What makes phone sex calls unique is the girl that you call needs to be very imaginative making it completely exciting for you.  Kinky phone sex is me it’s what I like the best of all making your calls the best it can be will be my goal.

I know you will want to play again with me once we exchange our naughty thoughts together. I will try to make your fantasy seem so real for you no matter what it is. Cum play with me and let’s have some erotic fun.

Call  for some really hot kinky phone sex with Nikki I know you will love every minute of our call.   1-888-766-7858

Remember I work evenings (Central Time Zone) my hour’s are:

Monday thru Friday  6pm to 2am  OFF  Sunday & Tuesday’s



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Fantasy Phone Sex

Hi guy’s I’m so glad ThNikkiat my new site is all up and looks so good. I know you will love it too it’s I love fantasy phone sex and making guy’s cocks hard and throbbing while we talk. I’m available in the evenings Sun thru Fri and off on Saturdays. I like fantasizing about just anything.  I have no Taboo’s so tell me your fantasies I can’t wait to hear. Fantasy phone sex is something that two people share, rather it is a role-play or a long time fantasies it can get intense. I like making men try new things like tasting their cum for the first time or using toy’s and exploring anal play. Some callers just like to hear a soft sexy voice cum for them while others like to be more like a girl dressing up for me it’s all good. Humiliation callers love to be made fun of for whatever their short comings are. My favorite is the small dick guy’s they are so easy to fuck with and made to feel even more inadequate. Other callers like to be controlled by a beautiful woman told how to cum , when to cum, and even where to cum. Some prefer to be treated like a dog wearing a collar and being potty broken. What ever your fantasy is I’m sure I can make your call extraordinary fantastic.

For some really hot fantasy phone sex call Nikki  1-888-766-7858

Remember you can catch me online at

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Financial Domination Phone Sex

nikkiTo all my Financial Domination Phone Sex callers get ready to be used like an ATM. I own you and you will pay me what is mine…What Is Mine you ask???  Everything you have or ever will have. . Don’t even fool yourself into think that the money you earn is yours it’s mine all mine. Just got a new bonus from work? all mine! Saving for a vacation? again  mine! See how well this works, you work and slave to please ME!

My Financial domination phone sex isn’t for the faint of hearts, if you are a wanna be … Don’t bother me! I don’t care if you go broke or didn’t make enough this week … wah! wah! wah!

So all you wanna Be’s don’t call me whining like a pathetic loser because I don’t care. I’m the Goddess and you will pay and obey!
 Call me your financial domination phone sex goddess and spend all your money.

Nikki   1-888-766-7858


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Steamy Phone Sex with Nikki

nikkiHello guy’s just want to let you all know I just got a new website it is I know you are going to love looking at all my pictures so you can call me for some steamy phone sex. Most of you know my sexy voice and  steamy phone sex, now I like to invite more of you to try me with and introduction

Special: 20 hot minutes with me for $20.00.

I know you will come back for more. I have no Taboo’s

and willing to try any fantasy you like. I really like masturbating in my bed while talking dirty to you so we both feel good together.

I love teasing and then denying you to cum until I feel like you are really ready to explode or when

I’m done teasing you…hahaha. I love phone sex,  everything about it turns me on I’m hoping to do the same to you. I like many fantasies like Little Dick guy’s, Guided Masturbation, Oral, Cuckold, Girl Next Door, Family Fun, Age Play, Sensual Domination, many more.

So check out my new site and take the time to look at my pictures so your hard cock gets even harder mmmm. Then pick up the phone and give me a call I know you won’t be disappointed!

For some really Steamy Phone Sex call Nikki


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Phone Sex with Nikki

OK  guy’s I know you love to talk with me but guy’s I not available in the morning please don’t call me! I love playing with every one of you but I do need to sleep some and the morning is when I do. Phone sex with me is exciting and I make you want for more but Please remember this is pay 2 play! I do not and will not do it for FREE! So when calling my number please be respectful enough to know I will expect a credit card. If you continue to call me your number will be turned over to your local police department. So we both can avoid this with you having your card ready NOW let’s all have fun.

NikkiNikkiCall me while I take a bubble bath I love playing in the tub mmmm.



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Passionate Phone Sex with Nikki

My girlfriends asked me what I’m attracted to in a man. I wanted to give her a list of the usual qualities that every woman say like handsome, athletic, high income, intelligent, etc. I know she was expecting me to say that because 00nikkiwhen I looked her in the eyes and said, I want a man that loves sex and can’t wait to pull his pants down and pull out his big hard cock any time he see’s me, I then said, I want him to want hard sex as much as I do. I love having phone sex with men like this too because they get so into the sex that they get as nasty as I want and it makes our sex so much hotter. I think now my girlfriend thinks I’m a sex nympho which I’m …giggle. 

So if you are looking for some really hot phone sex call me I’m ready for you.  Remember I work only evenings guy’s, so don’t call me in the day because I won’t be answering.

Hot and passionate phone sex with Nikki 


My Hour’s are Sun through Fri 4pm to 4am (central time) off Saturday.

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